Beewax candles

Properties of beeswax candles • They are characterized by charming and original looks of a pure product of the nature, the noblest of origin. • The colour and wonderful aroma distinguishes it from traditional paraffin candles. • They burn without smoke spreading the smell of cleanliness to the room, and after some time the delicate scent of honey and propolis. • They burn much longer than the paraffin candles. • They eliminate the electromagnetic radiation produced by electrical devices. • They neutralize cigarette smoke. • Secreted by candlelight elixir purifies and negatively ionized air, which is especially important in areas where are ill people. • Burning candles wax causes a rush of positive energy calming nerves and emotions, rejecting the chaos of thoughts, removing negative emotions and improving the mood. • They result in faster recovery, especially in diseases of the respiratory system, circulatory disorders.

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