To collect swarms of bees or not?
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bees swarm
Crystallisation of honey
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All natural honey crystallizes, which is not the case with fake honey. Many factors affect how quickly honey crystallizes, such as which flowers it comes from, whether the summer was dry or wet. at what temperature and in what container it was stored and many other factors. . Fake honey will...
Honey is good for everything
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Every day we come into contact with millions of bacteria and our bodies fight to survive in this world. Nature itself tells us what to include in our diet
Bees are malicious...?
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Why some bees are gentle and others are vicious... It all comes from the genes that come from the queen bee. If we don't take care of replacing the queen bees with ones from a good breeding and we wait for the bees to raise a queen bee on their own, after a few such replacements we have a picture...
Royal jelly the elixir of life
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A wonderful natural product that we get from bees. Thanks to it an ordinary larva which would normally be a worker bee turns into a queen bee. Continuing to consume it allows you to extend its life by up to 45 times. What it does to the human body you can imagine...