Our company

Goldendrops Bee Farm  pure raw local honey Nottingham  bee pollen, propolis, wax candles, courses Buckfast toure of the apiary apitherapy natural bee bread Royal yelly

Our team

Mariusz Chudy  - Master Beekeeper


Thank you for your interest in Goldendrops Bee Farm. We are beekeepers with passion and education / Mariusz Chudy is a certified Master Beekeeper. We have so much in common with bees that we had to start our own beekeeping business! We are a family business and as a family business, we believe that we can give you what you need individually and if you are a beekeeper already we will help you succeed. Our adventure with bees began in 1994. We alone build most of our mechanical devices and made all bee hives. From year to year we are trying to broaden our knowledge base and the bee farm. We are trying that everything we do is in accordance with the nature / use only natural methods forvarroasis illness - we do not use chemicals /. We have rotating selection and breeding building on proven selection of our own mothers from Carnica line and Buckfast line.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at a reasonable price, help novice beekeepers and bees rescue honey-bee. We are open to new things as well as co-operation on the broad sense. In our extensive product range; we hope that you will find something for yourself, be satisfied with your purchase and hopefully come back to us again. ..