Queen bees

Queen bees for 2024. Queen bees are our pride and joy. The breeding is carried out for our own needs and only a special amount is up for sale. There is not a problem with early made orders. These ordered Queen bees are sent on the first possible time and they have a priority. Queen Breeding is carried out by certified Master Beekeeper Mariusz Chudy who has over 25 years of experience. Breeding material is selected from our best bee hives based on their honey production, personality and brood patterns.One of the distinguishing marks of our breeding program is that our queens are not sold until they have capped brood and have a superior brood pattern. We guarantee that they are not layers of drone,but the queens are good quality and will serve their bee hiveincredebly well. They are available from the second half of spring to the delivery of every ordered Queen bee. Note: you cannot start a colony with only a Queen. You need a nucleus or a full colony of Bees which you can order from us. Introducing a Queen into a colony is never 100% successful, we are not responsible if your queen is not accepted

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